9858 Clint Moore Road, C 111 # 249
Boca Raton  FL 33496
P: (561) 271-9955

The Gift of Hope breast cancer foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial support to women in need during their course of treatment. We pay monthly bills such as electric, gas, phone and groceries. Many women must take a leave of absence from work while in treatment, some have little or no other income. The Gift of Hope believes that no women should have to worry about how their bills are going to be paid. They should only concentrate on getting well.  Through donations and fundraisers, we have been able to help many families in Palm Beach County. Our mission for the future is to help woman throughout the State of Florida. As a breast cancer survivor, I know the importance of having support. I was fortunate to have a community that showered me with their support. Now, the Gift of Hope will help other women during their battle with breast cancer.

Hope Friedman